Read through some testimonials from past students of Rachel, owner of Voila Francais.

Speaking from personal experience, Rachel Ma’am has been an exceptional teacher who was always quick to help students. She was very supportive of me and provided personal attention outside of class hours which helped me with my French learning(which was new to me). She always encouraged students to take up extra curricular activities and theContinue reading “Aishvarya Gopal (Now a Working professional)”

Aishvarya Gopal (Now a Working professional)

The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates but only the great ones inspire. This is the kind of impact that Rachel had on me when I met her and she became my teacher and mentor. It didn’t pertain only to the learning of French as a language but to indulgeContinue reading “Anuj Sanghi ( Le Cordon Bleu, Victoria, Australia)”

Anuj Sanghi ( Le Cordon Bleu, Victoria, Australia)

One of the most organized teacher I have come across. She is very punctual. Her teaching process is very different and she makes it very easy to learn. She comes up with various innovative ideas that make learning one of the most difficult languages easy. She is the sole reason I have gotten better atContinue reading “Dr. Aishwarya Gopinath (PT)”

Dr. Aishwarya Gopinath (PT)

Ten years ago, I had the privilege of Rachel Solomon being my French teacher. Learning a new language is no easy task, but Miss Rachel taught with ease and had a way of making complex concepts very easy, which helped me learn the basics. She was super patient with me and encouraged me consistently andContinue reading “Maria Natasha (now working professional)”

Maria Natasha (now working professional)

Ms.Rachel is an amazing French teacher. She always finds ways to keep us engaged and makes methods to help us remember the smallest of details without pushing. She keeps track of our progress separately, taking part in our growth not only in French but also our character.

Naika (Student of Grade 11)

The best teacher of French for French exams. She is calm, friendly and patient. I would recommend her for preparing for French exams and to learn French as a language.

Ilaqquan Rajesh Indu (Student of Grade 11)

She is a good and patient teacher. The guidance helped my son not just to score well in the board exam but also in gaining good knowledge and understanding of the French language

Parent of Ilaqquan Rajesh Indu

Madam Rachel goes above and beyond her job requirements, where she always strives to help her students even outside class hours. She never fails to make lessons engaging and useful for all her students. She also takes great effort to go through each student’s speech and gives appropriate and constructive feedback for them to improve

Glen Joshua (Student of BCA Degree)