Packages/Course Material

  1. Basic: In the basic course Voila Français will cover the first stage of introduction to the language. You will gain a very basic knowledge that will also enable you to communicate in simple ways.
  2. Elementary: Elementary is the step up from Basic. Here Voila Français will enable you to continue to explore the basic linguistic skills and you will be able to communicate in a simple way about everyday life.
  3. Intermediate:  At this level, Voila Français will teach you to learn to communicate and discuss from knowledge gained in this level.
  • Custom: Voila Français is also offering two customized packages
  • The first customized package is to tutor you to attempt the DELF* exams.(Please note the Disclaimer)
  • The second customized package is for professionals and language lovers who are traveling to French speaking countries. Note: The minimum number of classes for this course is 36 hours. An intensive course for the same can also be offered.

If you are interested in preparing for the DELF exams, we can prepare you and customize the package to enable you to attempt the examination.

*DELF stands for Diplome d’etudes en langue francaises. It is an internationally recognized certification that validates an individual’s French language ability. The certification can be obtained by enrolling for the DELF exam at the nearest center.  The are four levels of this certification and this is determined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The certificate that you will obtain on getting through the exam successfully is awarded by the French Ministry of Education. DELF studies ensures that you are equipped with the four basic language skills.

DISCLAIMER: Voila Français does not conduct DELF exams nor is it an affiliate to conduct the exams. We simply tutor you to attempt the exams and we can direct you to where you can enroll and attempt the exams.

Course Material

At Voila Français , we try to use course material that is easily available and easy to follow and learn from. Some of the material that we reference are Alter Ego, Saison, A Propos. Depending on the package that you decide to study, we will inform you which course material to purchase and where it is available for purchase.

All course material will teach you the following things. Each course book has its own unique style and approach to learning however these are the basic sub headings that will always be covered.

  • Phonetics
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar and Verbs
  • Socio-Cultural Knowledge
  • Communication