Why Learn French?

Why learn a new language?

A quote by Simon Ager comes to mind. “Learning a new language is a way to make connections with others. Even a few words can open doors, ears and minds, and the more you know of a language, the deeper and more meaningful those connections can become

Did you know that language stimulates the left side of the brain. 30% of English words come from French. French is one very popular language. Here are some interesting facts about the language:

  • French is a Romance language. (Romance Languages are languages that descend from Vulgar Latin) If you learn French, you can easily learn Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian…) And yes, some even say it is the language of romance and love.
  • French is the official language of 29 countries in the world.
  • French is also one of the official languages of the United Nations
  • OIF- Organisation Internationale de la Francaphonie estimates that nearly 300 million people in the world speak French
  • French is an important language in international relations

Why you should learn French?

  • Simply for the pleasure of knowing this beautiful language of love
  • To open business and job opportunities abroad
  • Make travel easy and interesting especially when visiting a French speaking country
  • Learn a skill that will aid your ambition to study abroad
  • Broaden your horizon and makes you explore and see the world differently